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Terms of Service

Date of publication:August 31, 2021

Welcome to "you" (hereinafter referred to as "user") and SHENZHEN HONGRUIJIE NETWORK CO.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as "HONGRUIJIE NETWORK") jointly signed this "EasyDser Service Terms" agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"), this Agreement describes terms and conditions applicable to your use of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK based on Internet, in various forms including EasyDser (including the future technology development of a new pattern of services) to provide services to you.

Since the date of publication of EasyDser Service Terms, the terms”EasyDser Service Terms” as used elsewhere in the search network means this Agreement.

I. Acceptance of the Agreement

1.1 This Agreement shall include the body of this Agreement and all rules and regulations that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK has published or may publish in the future and shall notify by reasonable means. All rules shall form an integral part of the Agreement and shall have the same legal effect as the text of the Agreement.

1.2 You should read this Agreement carefully before clicking agree upon this Agreement. Please read carefully and fully understand the contents of each clause especially provisions on exemption or limitation of liability legal application and dispute settlement clauses. Exemptions or restrictions on liability clauses will be marked in bold underline and you should focus on reading. If you have any questions about the agreement, please log on to EasyDser or send email to the customer service of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK for consultation.

1.3 When you fill out information according to registration page prompt read and agree to this Agreement complete registration procedure or enter search net in any way and use service means that you have fully read understanding agreed upon acceptance of terms and conditions of this Agreement. During reading this Agreement, if you do not agree with this Agreement or any clause in this Agreement, you shall immediately stop registration procedures and discontinue use of services.

II. Definitions

2.1 EasyDser : online information release and trading platform hosted by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK for Business Inter Trade (B-TO-B), the domain name is: https://www.easydser.com.

2.2 HONGRUIJIE NETWORK refers to "SHENZHEN HONGRUIJIE NETWORK CO.,LTD ", is a search goods network operator.

2.3 Service for HONGRUIJIE NETWORK : refers to the services provided by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK based on Internet, including various forms including HONGRUIJIE NETWORK(including new service forms emerging from future technological developments).

2.4 Rules for HONGRUIJIE NETWORK : refers to all the rules, interpretations, announcements and other contents published in finding.com and subsequent releases, as well as all kinds of rules, implementation rules, product process descriptions and announcements published by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK in forums, help center and other channels.

III. Scope of agreement

3.3.1 Subject of Contract

This Agreement shall be concluded jointly with you and HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and this Agreement shall have equal contract validity for you and HONGRUIJIE NETWORK.

3.2 Supplementary agreement

Because of the rapid development of Internet, you have signed this Agreement with HONGRUIJIE NETWORK not fully listing and covering all rights and obligations of you and HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, nor existing agreements can guarantee full compliance with future development needs. Therefore privacy policies and rules for EasyDser are complementary agreements which are inseparable and have equal legal effect with this Agreement. If you use EasyDser service, you will be deemed to have agreed to the above supplementary agreement.

IV. Account registration and use

4.1 User Qualification

4.1.1 You confirm that when you complete the registration process or actually use the Service in other ways permitted by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, you shall have the civil capacity that is applicable to your conduct as provided by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If you do not have the aforementioned capacity for civil conduct appropriate to your conduct, you and your guardian shall bear the corresponding consequences resulting therefrom in accordance with legal provisions, and HONGRUIJIE NETWORK shall have the right to terminate the services provided to you and cancel your account . If you register on EasyDser on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the right to bind the company or such legal entity to this Agreement.

4.1.2 In addition, you need to ensure that you are not subject to trade restrictions, sanctions or other laws and regulations imposed by any country, international organization or territory, otherwise you may not be able to register and use the Service normally.

4.2 Account registration

4.2.1 After you fill out information on registration page prompts, read and agree to this agreement and complete all registration procedures, or after you fill out information on activation page prompts, read and agree to this agreement and complete all activation procedures, or other HONGRUIJIE NETWORK allows you to actually use the HONGRUIJIE NETWORK services, you are bound by this agreement, you are bound by this agreement. You can enter search networks using other ways that you provide or confirm by email phone number or other ways allowed by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK.

4.2.2 You understand and agree that, if you have completed the registration procedures for other services provided by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK before registration, you can directly log in to HONGRUIJIE NETWORK support platform through your login name as long as the registration is successful, and there is no need to set up a separate account.

4.2.3 Because your account is associated with your information and EasyDser business information, your account is only for your own use. Without the consent of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, it is invalid for you to directly or indirectly authorize a third party to use your account or obtain information under your account. If HONGRUIJIE NETWORK determines that the use of your account may endanger the security of your account and/or the information security of the website, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may refuse to provide the corresponding services or terminate this Agreement.

4.3 Transfer of account

Due to the credit information of the user account, you can transfer the account only if there is a written law, a judicial ruling or the consent of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, and the account transfer process stipulated by the rules of EasyDser is met. Once your account is transferred, the rights and obligations under the account are transferred. In addition, your account shall not be transferred in any way, otherwise, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK shall have the right to hold you liable for breach of contract, and you shall bear the corresponding liability arising therefrom .

4.4 Real name authentication

In order to make better use of services to ensure your account security, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may require you to complete real name authentication according to national laws and regulations.

4.5 Information management.

4.5.1 When completing registration or activation process, you should provide accurate and timely updates to your information as prompted by the corresponding page of EasyDser so that it will always remain true timely complete and accurate. When national laws and regulations require that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK be required to verify information (such as sellers and buyers), HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will check your information from time to time according to law. You should cooperate with providing updated, truthful, complete and effective information.

4.5.2 4.5.1 When completing registration or activation process, you should provide accurate and timely updates to your information as prompted by the corresponding page of EasyDser so that it will always remain true timely complete and accurate. When national laws and regulations require that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK be required to verify information (such as sellers and buyers), HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will check your information from time to time according to law. You should cooperate with providing updated, truthful, complete and effective information. .

4.6 Account security

4.6.1 Your account is set up for yourself and kept by you. At any time, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will not actively ask you to provide your account password. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep your account safe and ensure that you exit login at the end of each online hour and leave the website correctly. If your account is disclosed or you are attacked or swindled by others, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK shall not be liable for the losses and consequences caused by your account. You shall seek compensation from the tortfeasor through judicial, administrative and other remedies .

4.6.2 Apart from the fault of game technology, you should be responsible for all behavior results under your account (including but not limited to online signing agreements, issuing information, consulting/quoting, purchasing products, ordering services and disclosure information) .

4.6.3 If you find any unauthorized use of your account login EasyDser or other circumstances that may cause your account stolen or lost, we advise you immediately to notify HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and authorize HONGRUIJIE NETWORK to assist you in handling your account. You understand that it will take a reasonable amount of time for HONGRUIJIE NETWORK to take action on any of your requests, and that the actions taken by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK at your request may not prevent or prevent the formation or expansion of the consequences of infringement. Except for the legal fault of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK shall not assume any responsibility .

V. Services and norms

You are entitled to enjoy the services of shop management, quotation of products and/or services, sales and promotion, inquiry of products and/or services, purchase and evaluation, transaction dispute settlement, etc. There are many services provided by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK. For details, you can log on to EasyDser for browsing.

5.1 Store management

5.1.1 By creating shops in EasyDser, you can publish various products and/or service information and reach transactions with other users.

5.1.2 Due to the inseparability of the shop and the account, the transfer of the shop is essentially the transfer of the account of the store operator. The relevant requirements and restrictions on the transfer of the store should apply the 4.3 account transfer clause of this Agreement.

5.1.3 If you temporarily shut down your shop through all products below, you should continue to bear liability for transactions made prior to closing your shop until transactions such as shipment, dispute and complaint handling are continued.

5.2 Quotations, sales and promotion of products and / or services

5.2.1 Through the services provided by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, you have the right to publish product and/or service information, offer prices, solicit and search for transaction objects and conclude transactions through text, pictures and other forms on the Website.

5.2.2 You shall ensure that you have the right to the products and/or services you publish on EasyDser and that you shall not sell or provide the following services on EasyDser:

(1) prohibited or restricted by the State;

(2) infringing upon intellectual property rights or other lawful rights and interests of others;

(3) rules, announcements, notices or agreements signed separately by each platform and you have clearly stated that they are not suitable for online sales and/or provision of goods.

5.2.3 You shall abide by the principle of good faith to ensure that the information of the products and/or services you publish is true and consistent with the products and/or services you actually sell, and that your trading promises are faithfully fulfilled in the course of trading. You should maintain the benign market competition order of EasyDser, shall not belittle or slander competitors, shall not interfere with any transactions and activities conducted on the searching network, shall not enhance or attempt to improve their own credit in any improper way, shall not interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the searching network in any way.

5.2.4 You have the right to decide your own products and / or services promotion and promotion methods. HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may also provide you with rich promotional tools. Your promotion behavior shall conform to relevant laws and regulations of the country and request for EasyDser .

5.2.5 Tax payment by law is an obligation for every citizen and enterprise. You shall declare tax payment to tax authorities promptly and fully if sales / turnover exceeds statutory exemption amount.

5.3 Inquiry, procurement and evaluation of products and/or services

5.3.1 When you make an inquiry, purchase products and/or services on EasyDser, please confirm carefully the items name, price, quantity, model, specifications, size or service time, content, restrictive requirement and other important matters of the purchased products, and verify your contact address, telephone consignee and other information when purchasing order purchase. If you fill out consignee not yourself, you shall be responsible for the legal consequences caused by the consignee’s behavior and intention.

5.3.2 You fully understand and agree that EasyDser is a commercial trade procurement platform rather than consumer purchase market so your inquiry, purchasing behavior should be based on the real trade demand, on products and/or services may not have any malicious inquiry, purchasing, and malicious activist disturbing the order of normal EasyDser trading behavior. Based on maintenance demand net transaction order and transaction safety requirement, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK discovered above situation (identification criteria based on HONGRUIJIE NETWORK) can actively implement closing related transaction orders etc.

5.3.3 After the evaluation function of EasyDser is opened, you have the right to evaluate the products and/or services of other users that have concluded transactions with you in the evaluation system provided by EasyDser.  All evaluation behaviors should comply with relevant regulations of EasyDser, evaluation contents should be objective and authentic, should not contain any vulgar advertisement information and other prohibited information listed in this Agreement; you should not help others improve credit or use evaluation rights to threaten or extort others from other users. HONGRUIJIE NETWORK can delete or block the evaluation information generated by the above behaviors (the identification standards shall be subject to the interpretation of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK).

5.3.4 If you inquire, purchase products and/or services on EasyDser for export purposes: You commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to import and export controls, trade restrictions and economic sanctions. If you violate the foregoing commitments, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may stop providing services when finding these situations. You must ensure that you are not subject to trade restrictions, economic sanctions or other restrictions imposed by any country, region or international organization or provide funds, goods or services directly or indirectly for these objects otherwise you should discontinue use of services provided by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK while you understand that violating these requirements may cause you unable to register properly and use HONGRUIJIE NETWORK services

5.3.5 Regarding goods services software and technologies obtained through HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, you commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to import export control trade restrictions and economic sanctions including sanctions resolutions laws and regulations enacted and implemented by the United Nations Security Council China United States and any other State. Based on requirements for maintaining transaction order and transaction security, if you violate previous commitments, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may terminate service and actively execute closing related transaction orders and account disposal operations when discovering these situations

5.4 Publish with one click

5.4.1 If you are a “supplier” of EasyDser, you authorize a “buyer” to display and sell items uploaded by you in store online at their stores.

5.4.2 If you are a "buyer" of EasyDser, you can use the "one-click publishing" service provided by EasyDser to publish the products published by "supplier" of EasyDser in its store to display and sell the products in the personal independent store created by you through the service provided by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK.

5.5 Transaction dispute resolution

5.5.1 You can reach transactions with other users via trading forms supported by EasyDser and comply with corresponding transactions with pay rules. You understand and agree that EasyDser only acts as user search transaction object negotiate product and service transaction and obtain various trade-related services where HONGRUIJIE NETWORK does not involve transactions between users nor legal relations and legal disputes arising from transactions among users.

5.5.2 When you dispute with other users during your search for goods network, either party or any other user has the right to choose the following routes:

(1) to consult independently with the other party in dispute;

(2) to use the dispute mediation service provided by EasyDser;

(3) to complain to the relevant administrative department;

(4) to submit the case to an arbitration institution for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration agreement reached with the other party to the dispute (if any);

(5) to institute legal proceedings in a people's court.

5.5.3 If you use dispute mediation service according to EasyDser, indicate that you acknowledge and willing to fulfill customer service as independent third party according to its understanding of dispute facts and decide according to the rules of EasyDser (including adjusting transaction status of relevant orders, deciding whether all or part of pay will be paid to transaction party or party, executing corresponding margin payment etc). Before finding mediation decisions you may choose these other dispute handling approaches to resolve disputes to suspend dispute mediation services for EasyDser. If you are dissatisfied with mediation decisions you still have authority to take other dispute handling avenues to resolve disputes but you should still perform mediation decisions before any final decision is reached through other dispute handling channels.

VI. Cost

6.1 HONGRUIJIE NETWORK provides you with a lot of cost for services provided by EasyDser. Besides the charging service express net, the service offered by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK is free now. If future HONGRUIJIE NETWORK charges you reasonable fees, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will take reasonable ways and advance through legal procedures to inform you effectively through this agreement, ensure that you have sufficient choice rights.

6.2 All taxable contributions incurred by transaction, payment services or contact with HONGRUIJIE NETWORK servers are undertaken by yourself, as well as related hardware, software, communications, network services and other costs.

VII. Limitation of liability

7.1 HONGRUIJIE NETWORK performs basic safeguard obligations according to laws but does not bear corresponding breach liability for breach of contract performance defect performance delay or change of contents due to force majeure or other third party factors.

(1) Force majeure factors such as natural disasters, strikes, wars, wars, government actions, judicial administrative orders;

(2) public service factors or third person factors such as electricity supply failure communication network failure etc;

(3) under circumstances of good management of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, due to routine or emergency equipment and system maintenance, equipment and system faults, network information and data security and other factors.

7.2 HONGRUIJIE NETWORK only provides you with services specified in this Agreement. You know that information on EasyDser is released by users and risks and defects may exist. HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will establish relevant inspection monitoring systems according to laws and regulations as far as possible to ensure your legitimate rights and interests in search of goods network and good experience. Meanwhile considering that there exists massive information and separation between information and objects in information network environment, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK cannot examine product and/or service information individually, cannot examine each product and/or service quality, safety, legitimacy, authenticity and accuracy, etc. If you find harm information and behavior, please contact and complain about HONGRUIJIE NETWORK timely. HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will deal with harmful information and behaviors.

7.3 You understand and agree that in dispute mediation services, customer service is not professional personnel, only can judge users submitted credentials according to ordinary people's cognition. HONGRUIJIE NETWORK does not guarantee dispute mediation decisions must meet your expectations, except explicitly stipulated in law and existence intentional or gross negligence, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK does not bear any responsibility for dispute mediation decisions. VIII. Protection and authorization of user information

VIII. Protection and authorization of user information

8.1 Protection of personal Information

HONGRUIJIE NETWORK attaches great importance to user personal information (that is identification of user identity independently or combined with other information). When you use the services provided by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, you agree that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK collects, stores, uses, discloses and protects your personal information according to privacy policies published online. HONGRUIJIE NETWORK hopes to provide you with a clear introduction to your personal information via privacy policies so HONGRUIJIE NETWORK recommends that you read privacy policies fully to help you better protect your privacy. 8.2 Guarantee and Authorization of non-personal Information

8.2.1 You declare and guarantee that you have legitimate rights regarding your information. Otherwise, , HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may delete or shield information issued according to law or according to this agreement.

8.2.2 You should ensure that the information you publish does not contain the following:

(1) violating provisions prohibiting sexual provisions of national laws and regulations;

(2) political propaganda, feudal superstition, obscenity, obscenity, violence, violence, terror or abetting crime;

(3) fraud, false, inaccurate or misleading;

(4) infringing upon intellectual property rights or involving third party commercial secrets and other proprietary rights;

(5) insulting, defamation, intimidation, involving others privacy etc. against others lawful rights and interests;

(6) malicious software programs such as viruses Trojans, crawlers or program codes which may destroy tamper delete affect any system of EasyDser or unauthorized secret access to data personal data of EasyDser and other users;

(7) other provisions against public interests or public morals or related EasyDser agreements and rules shall not be suitable for publication on EasyDser.

8.2.3 For the non-personal information except personal information, such as text, picture, video and audio, which you provide, publish or use in the service of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, the intellectual property right and portrait right will not be transferred due to your uploading, publishing and other behaviors. Unless otherwise clearly stated, within the limits permitted by law and within the period prescribed by law, you shall grant free permission to transit technology and associated companies to obtain non-exclusive, non-territorial licensing applications (including storage, use, reproduction, revision, editing, publication, presentation, translation, distribution of your non-personal information or production of derived works, and use the form media or technology known or later developed into other works etc.) rights and license that may be authorized to other third parties as well as rights to obtain evidence and litigation against third parties infringing acts themselves.

IX. User's breach and handling

9.1 Determination of Breach

In any of the following circumstances, you shall be deemed to have breached the contract:

(1) violating relevant laws and regulations when using the services of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK;

(II) Violating provisions of this Agreement or the supplementary Agreement (i.e., the scope defined in Article 3.2 hereof).

In order to adapt to electronic commerce development and meet the demand of large users to efficient quality service, you understand and agree that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK can agree on default criteria in the rules of EasyDser. For example, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK can determine whether you constitute default according to your user data and mass user data; you have obligation to give sufficient proof and reasonable explanation to your data abnormal phenomenon otherwise it will be regarded as default.

9.2 Handling measures for Breach of contract

9.2.1 If the information you post on the website of finding goods constitutes a breach of contract, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK can immediately delete or block the relevant information or remove, delete or supervise your products according to the corresponding rules.

9.2.2 If the behavior you carry out on the website of EasyDser, or the behavior that has an impact on the website and its users constitutes a breach of contract, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may, in accordance with the corresponding rules, deduct points from your account, limit your participation in marketing activities, suspend the provision of part or all services to you, deduct liquidated damages and other measures. If your actions constitute a fundamental breach of contract, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may close your account and terminate the services provided to you.

9.2.3 When you default exist in certain situations such as fraud, counterfeits, theft accounts or you are endangering others transaction security or account security risks, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will be in accordance with the degree of risk you behavior indicates a third-party payment companies or financial institutions for your (and your account binding, similarly hereinafter) payment account to cancel payment, funds such as compulsory measures to stop.

9.2.4 HONGRUIJIE NETWORK can provide information about handling measures against your breach of contract and other illegal information confirmed by administrative or judicial legal instruments in order to make public publicity on search goods online.

9.3 The liability for compensation

9.3.1 If your actions cause losses to HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and / or associated companies, you shall comply with liability under this Agreement, and you shall compensate for losses suffered by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and/or associated companies (if any) including:

(1) reasonable fees for pay fees, fees and expenses incurred in eliminating impact;

(2) fines, liquidated damages or damages for external expenses due to administrative penalties, judicial decisions, mediation within statutory standards;

(3) loss of goodwill, reasonable expected benefit loss (e.g. loss of member loss, decrease of expenditure, decrease of consumption frequency and decrease of store operator income etc), specific amount can be calculated according to reasonable analysis of big data and other reasonable methods of calculating profit and loss according to reasonable analysis of big data and other reasonable methods of calculating profit and loss;

(4) other losses suffered accordingly

9.3.2 If your behavior makes HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and/or its associated company suffer third party claim rights, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and/or its associated company may recover compensation from you after obligations such as payment of monetary payment to third party.

9.3.3 If your actions cause third party losses or your failure to perform mediation decisions, you authorize and agree that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and/or its associated companies seek to protect social public interests or protect legitimate interests of other users, indicating that third party pay or financial institutions deduct corresponding amounts from your collection account to pay. If your account balance or margin cannot be sufficient for pay corresponding funds, you agree to entrust HONGRUIJIE NETWORK to use own funds to substitute your pay funds (but not this obligation), you should refund part of costs and compensate accordingly resulting in the total loss of transit technology.

9.3.4 You agree that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK indicates that third party pay or financial institutions deduct the corresponding payment from your receipt account against pay above compensation payments. If your payment account is insufficient to cover pay's above compensation payments, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and/or affiliated companies may directly offset payments and/or interests under other agreements between transit technology and/or associated companies and may continue to recover them.

9.3.5 If Your interests are damaged due to intentional or gross negligence breach of contract by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will compensate you based on your direct actual loss.

9.4 Special Provisions

9.4.1 If you provide benefits such as physical goods, cash, cash equivalents, labor services and tourism to employees or consultants of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and/or its affiliated companies, which are obviously beyond the scope of normal business negotiations, you may be deemed to have engaged in commercial bribery. In case of any of the above, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may handle the case in accordance with the rules of EasyDser, terminate all cooperation with you after prior notice and collect liquidated damages and/or compensation from you. The amount shall be calculated based on the economic loss and goodwill loss incurred by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK due to your bribery.

9.4.2 If you terminate this Agreement due to breach of this Agreement, for the purpose of maintaining the order of the platform and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of other users, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and/or its affiliates may suspend or even terminate the agreement with you in the cooperation under other agreements and notify you in an effective manner as agreed herein.

9.4.3 If you sign agreements with other agreements signed by you and other agreements signed by you and/or associated companies explicitly agree that you cooperate with you under this Agreement, if you can maintain platform order and protect legitimate rights and interests of other users, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may terminate or terminate agreements upon receipt of instructions, and notify you in effective manner agreed upon.

X. Modification of the agreement

10.1 HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may modify this Agreement and the Supplementary Agreement from time to time in accordance with the changes in national laws and regulations, as well as the need to maintain market order and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users. The modified agreement and the supplementary Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "The Modified Items") shall be notified to you through legal procedures and in the effective manner as agreed herein.

10.2 If you do not agree to change matters, you shall be entitled to contact the feedback of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK prior to the date of commencement of change matters. If feedback is adopted, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK will adjust change matters as appropriate. If you disagree with any changes that have entered into force, you should discontinue use of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK services from the date of commencement of change matters; change matters do not affect you; if you continue using HONGRUIJIE NETWORK services after change becomes effective, consider changes that you agree to enter into force.

XI. Effective notification.

11.1 Effective contact mode

When registering as a user of EasyDser and accepting the service of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK, you should provide true effective contact information (including your email address, contact phone contact address etc), and you have obligation to update relevant information timely and maintain valid contact status.

The member account (including the sub-account) generated by you when you register the user of EasyDser, which is used to log in the receiving station of EasyDser, system messages and other instant information, will also be used as your effective contact information.

All kinds of notices will be sent to you by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK to one or some of your above contact information, and the contents of such notices may have a significant positive or negative impact on your rights and obligations. Please be sure to pay attention to it in a timely manner.

You have the right to obtain commercial information such as advertising information, promotional offers and other information of products/services that you are interested in through the mobile phone number or email address you filled in at the time of registration; If you do not want to receive such information, you have the right to unsubscribe through the corresponding unsubscribe function provided by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK.

11.2 Service of notification

11.2.1 HONGRUIJIE NETWORK sends notifications via email, including but not limited to sending phone messages to your contact phone, sending email address to your email address, sending system messages and message messages to your account as service after successful sending; Written notice issued by paper carrier shall be deemed to be served upon delivery upon delivery of the fifth natural day after mailing address.

11.2.2 For any disputes arising from trading activities on EasyDser, you agree that judicial organs (including but not limited to people's courts) may deliver legal documents (including but not limited to litigation documents) via mobile phone messages, e-mail or mail messages etc. The mobile phone number or E-mail address you designate to receive legal documents shall be the mobile phone number and E-mail address you provide when you register and update on The Website, and the judicial organ shall be deemed to have served the legal documents when it sends the above-mentioned contact information. Your designated mailing address is your legal contact address or valid contact address provided by you.

You agree that the judicial authority may serve the legal documents to you in one or more of the above ways, and the judicial authority may serve the legal documents to you in various ways. The time of service shall be the first one served in the above ways.

You agree that the above method of service applies to all stages of the judicial process. If it enters the legal proceedings, it shall include but not limited to the first instance, second instance, retrial, execution and supervision procedures.

You should ensure that the contact information provided is accurate, valid, and updated in real time. If the contact information provided is not accurate or the contact information changed is not informed in time, the legal documents cannot be served or not served in time, you shall be liable for the legal consequences arising therefrom.

XII. Termination of agreement

12.1 Circumstances of termination of agreement

12.1.1 You shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by any means:

(1) write off your account via website self-service when meeting the requirements for account cancellation required by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK;

(2) before commencement of change matters, you cease to use the service of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and express unwillingness to accept change matters;

(3) you expressly do not wish to continue using the service of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and comply with termination conditions required by EasyDser.

12.1.2 When the following circumstances occur, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may notify you of termination of this agreement in an effective manner agreed upon in this Agreement:

(1) your real name authentication identity is invalid, no longer lawful or unable to verify effectively;

(2) if you violate this Agreement, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK terminates this Agreement pursuant to the terms of breach;

(3) if you steal someone other's account, publish illegal information, cheat, counterfeit goods, disrupt market order, take unfair means profit etc.,HONGRUIJIE NETWORK according to the rules of EasyDser to close your account;

(4) except for those circumstances mentioned above, because you repeatedly violate relevant provisions of rules relating to EasyDser rules and serious circumstances, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK closes your account according to rules for EasyDser;

(5) your account is recovered under this Agreement by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK ;

(6) you have fraud, publication or sale of counterfeit / infringing products, infringing upon lawful rights or interests of others or other serious violations of illegal breach of contract;(6) you have fraud, publication or sale of counterfeit / infringing products, infringing upon lawful rights or interests of others or other serious violations of illegal breach of contract;

(7) believe that your behavior may cause serious damage or legal liability for relevant parties such as you, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK and users of EasyDser based on reasonable reason.

(8) other circumstances relating to termination of services.

12.2 Handling after termination of this Agreement

12.2.1 After the termination of this Agreement, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK shall have no obligation to disclose any information in your account to you or any third party designated by you unless otherwise expressly provided by law.

12.2.2 After the termination of this Agreement, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK shall still enjoy the following rights:

(1) Continue to keep all kinds of information set forth in Article 8 of this Agreement which you keep on EasyDser;

(2) For your past breaches, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may still hold you liable for breach of contract in accordance with this Agreement.

12.2.3 After the termination of this Agreement, HONGRUIJIE NETWORK may notify the trading party of any trading orders generated by you during the term of this Agreement and decide whether to close such trading orders according to the will of the trading party. If further performance is required by the other party, you shall continue to perform this Agreement and the Terms of the Trading Order with respect to such Trading Order and shall be liable for any loss or additional expenses incurred thereby.

XIII. Link

EasyDser or third parties can provide links to other Web sites or resources. Since HONGRUIJIE NETWORK does not control such sites and resources, you understand and agree that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK does not take responsibility for availability of such external websites or resources and does not recognize any content, publicity, product, service or other material available on such sites or resources or available from such sites or resources, nor does it assume responsibility or responsibility for such sites or resources. You further understand and agree that any direct or indirect loss resulting from or claiming to be caused (or claimed) for any such content, publicity, product, service or other material obtained from such sites or resources may not bear any liability unless it expressly stipulates that it shall be borne by the transit technology.

XIV. Application of law, jurisdiction and other matters

14.1 14.1 The validity, interpretation, modification, enforcement and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China; In the absence of such legal provisions, commercial and/or industrial practices shall be referred to.

14.2 Your relationship with HONGRUIJIE NETWORK is solely that of an independent contractor. This Agreement is not intended to create or create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employment and employment, or specific authorizations and authorizations.

14.3 Unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties, you agree that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK shall be entitled to transfer rights obligations under this Agreement under this Agreement as required by business operations and notify you through statutory procedures prior to statutory procedures.

14.4 Any dispute arising from or relating to this Agreement or Service of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK shall be negotiated with you by HONGRUIJIE NETWORK. If the negotiation fails either party may initiate arbitration to the ShenZhen Court of International Arbitration.

14.5 If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be revoked and the remaining provisions shall be observed and enforced. Article headings are for convenience of reference only and do not in any way define, limit, interpret or describe the scope or limits of such articles. The failure of HONGRUIJIE NETWORK to take action in respect of a breach by you or others does not imply that HONGRUIJIE NETWORK has withdrawn its right to take action in respect of any subsequent or similar breach.

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